Alarm Response



Our agency offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities to you because of our vast experience and training. We know our industry and offer our customers a powerful resource, providing several aspects of protection. Remember, physical security is our business. We endeavor to surpass our competition. Our high standards are not just a part of Blue Lightning Protection, it “is” our company, from the Chief to the Officer in the field, and all of our valued personnel in between.

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Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our partnered clients.

Specialized Patrol

  • Provides an economical alternative for clients that do not want, or cannot afford a traditional posted officer. This service may be contracted exclusively, or in combination with other services offered. This service establishes an armed security or “courtesy officer” presence on their property. Specialized Patrol is considered a premier service that we are able to offer at an economical rate, due to innovative marketing and deployment methods. These officers are experienced professionals, many with backgrounds law enforcement, public safety and/or military, and all undergo advanced training. Patrols are performed in fully equipped and highly visible, professionally marked patrol vehicles.

Alarm Response

  • Let BLP be your first point of contact regarding alarms. Our Officers will respond initially instead of law enforcement to verify whether the alarm is false or actual. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary false alarm fines imposed by local ordinance(s).

Selective Enforcement

  • Private and deed restricted communities can contract BLP to address traffic, parking, and code enforcement pertaining to their covenants. Armed with the community documents, we can “politely and professionally” enforce those regulations. Our professionally marked vehicles are fully equipped for this purpose, and officers are trained in the use of vehicle speed measurement devices. Fines collected by your CAM may be returned to the community for use in the security or protection budget.


  • Many companies seek the aid of professionals in the assessment of their overall safety and security. Some are required to do so by industry regulations, Homeland Security, or requirements imposed by, insurance carriers. Qualified BLP professionals will make physical inspections of your property, conduct research & background investigations, analyze their findings and reduce them into a detailed report. Armed with this information you will be able to reduce your vicarious liability and possibly earn savings on insurance premiums.

Remote Surveillance

  • BLP can remotely monitor your property via your web-based CCTV camera system. Our wireless technology also allows these images to be viewed by our patrol units assigned to you area. Officers will respond immediately to investigate suspicious activity, criminal incidents or other observed hazards. This is an excellent ancillary service when combined with our Alarm Response or Specialized Patrol packages.

Vacation House Checks

  • Whether you are planning a short vacation or are among our valued “Snow Bird” population, BLP gives you peace of mind. Our officers can make periodic checks of your home during your absence. We can not only check the doors & windows to prevent burglary & vandalism, but we will report to you immediately should we observe hazardous or serious maintenance related issues (broken irrigation pipes, storm damage, etc).

Well-being Checks

  • Elderly friends or relatives? Teenagers at home alone? BLP can help…..
    Our officers can visit these individuals and provide them (and you) with the comfort that someone is watching. Our elderly citizens can be easily victimized or when living alone, suffer injuries in the home that could render them incapable of seeking help. If you’re a parent of a teen that may be staying alone for short periods of time, or even over night, BLP can patrol the premises at random, to insure that their activities meet your expectations and they are safe and sound.